The Board of Directors sets the Council’s strategic vision, assures the fulfillment of its mission and strategies, and provides leadership and oversight through a policy-based approach.

The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of the following key areas of the African Agri Council (AAC):

  • Our business and operations, including ongoing assessment and management of risk

  • Guiding and monitoring management of our strategic, financial, and operating goals and their implementation

  • Overseeing compliance, including the integrity of our financial reporting and disclosures

  • Maintaining effective governance structures and processes


The Board of Directors, together with the Investment Committee, makes and approves the Entrepreneur Support Programme (ESP) final project selection and funding decisions.

The Board of Directors represents a broad range of agri stakeholders from across the continent, including:

Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo
Executive Director
Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa – FARA
Chairman of the African Agri Council (AAC) NPC
Mr. Rudi Leitner
Chief Executive Officer
Hypenica. Touchwork.
Founding Sponsor and Director. AAC Board Member
South Africa
Mr. Ben Leyka
Executive Director
African Agri Council (AAC)
Founding Director and Board Member
Democratic Republic of Congo
Mr. Anthony Boateng
CIMA Research and Development Panel and Past Chair CIMA Africa Regional Board
AAC Board Member
Mrs. Cora Fernandez
Executive Director and Co-founder
Mila Yarona Holdings
AAC Board Member
South Africa
Dr. Adriana Marais
Head of Innovation
AAC Board Member
South Africa
Mr. Muchadeyi Masunda
Commercial Arbitration Centre
Former Mayor of Harare
AAC Board Member
Mr. Gilles Mettetal
Non-Executive Director for Nibulon and Astarta
FAO and the African Development Bank Advisor on private sector food and agriculture investments and financing
AAC Board Member
Mr. Kenneth Orji
Former Chairman and current Board Member
United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Limited
AAC Board Member
Dr. Jacqueline Sultan
Founder Ferme Fandie
Former Minister of Agriculture
AAC Board Member
Guinea Conakry
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The African Agri Council (AAC) is a pan-African institution that promotes the development of sustainable African food and agriculture.

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